Frequently asked questions

Which permanent marker should I use with The AutoGraph Ball?

You may use any permanent marker you want. The industry standard for autograph seekers is Sharpie. In my 35-years of experience, I have used several different brands in my 35-years; however, personally I prefer Sharpie Fine Point.

What is the secret to getting autographs?

There are several secrets to getting autographs; #1) Be polite! Nothing is more important than using proper manners. Call a player over by using "Mr. (Insert Last Name)". Say "please" and "thank you" often! #2) Be prepared. Use an AutoGraph Ball each and every time you go to the field be it Spring Training, Opening Day, regular season or post season. Make sure you have (2) two markers with you. If one marker goes dry or runs out of ink, you have a backup. Before I go to the field, I always check the MLB roster to make sure I have at least one baseball card of each and every player on the roster. #3) Do not get greedy! Get one signature and move on. Give other fans an opportunity to get an autograph.

Can I really win a trip for 2 to attend 2020 MLB All-Star Game?

Yes! Yes, you can! This is how you can earn a trip for two to 2020 MLB All-Star Game. It is a competition so work hard! 1) Become a Member of The AutoGraph Ball Fan Club for free. You can sign up for free at TheAutoGraphBall.com. 2) Use The AutoGraph Ball each and every time you collect an autograph from a MLB or minor league player AND record yourself doing so. You can have someone help you. Have a parent, friend or fellow autograph hound record the player using The AutoGraph Ball. Then immediately post your video to our Official - The AutoGraph Ball Facebook Page. ONLY video submissions to Facebook will be considered for points. NO photos. Video only. No exceptions. Points work like this: 1) 2019 All-Stars (NL and AL) are worth 20pts. 2) All other MLB players are worth 10pts. 3) AAA Minor league players are worth 5pts. 4) AA Minor League players are worth 4pts. 5) A Minor Leaguer players are worth 2pts. (Both High & Low A) Contest ends at midnight on Friday, July 3, 2020. All video submissions must be submitted before midnight Standard Pacific Time on Friday, July 3, 2020. Winner will be announced on Facebook, social media, and TheAutoGraphBall.com at 5:00pm CT on Sunday, July 5, 2020.

What is your favorite autograph you have ever collected?

My favorite autograph of all time is James "Cool Papa" Bell. Cool Papa was one of the very best players in recorded history of professional baseball. However, he never had the opportunity to compete in Major League Baseball because of the color of his skin. He played Negro League Baseball. Cool Papa literally would have run circles around his white peers in The Major Leagues. He played a total of 25 professional seasons. His professional baseball career began at 19 years old and ended at 43 years old. He had a lifetime batting average of .316 and was fast as lightening.