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 Legends of Baseball (APBPA) team with The AutoGraph Ball

Dallas, Texas May 20, 2020 —Association of Professional Ball Players of America (APBPA) is named sole charitable beneficiary of new corporate sponsor, The AutoGraph Ball™.  APBPA is a (501)(c)(3) charitable organization involved in furnishing financial assistance to sick or indigent ballplayers or members of the baseball family with no other source of income.  Formed in 1924 by twelve former players including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, APBPA has provided assistance to over 3,600 players, including many of our beloved Hall of Famers.  APBPA assists any ballplayer or member of the baseball family who may contract an incurable disease, irrespective of age with no other source of income or relatives to provide assistance.  Amidst this COVID-19 pandemic, our elders are at particular risk of coronavirus and in need of immediate medical and financial assistance.  “We are excited and thankful to announce our relationship with The AutoGraph Ball™ and its Founder, Kevin Simmons.  Our elder members are disproportionately affected by COVID-19.  We immediately established a COVID emergency fund for APBPA and we are grateful for all the assistance we can get to help our members,” said Jennifer Madison, President of APBPA.

Kevin Simmons, Founder of The AutoGraph Ball™ said, “I learned to love the game of baseball in my Grandfather’s backyard.  He literally built a backstop with an infield and pitcher mound for us to play on.  During practice Papa would teach fundamentals, situations, share names of his childhood heroes, and stories of their heroic feats on the diamond. He taught me to how to play and developed my deep historical knowledge and love for the game.”  Regarding their charitable relationship with APBPA, Simmons stated, “I am over the moon excited about our relationship with APBPA.  We look forward to growing together and giving back to the players that gave us all so many fantastic childhood memories.”

The AutoGraph Ball,, is a creator of sports novelty items.  Products can be purchased online, in quality sports memorabilia gift shops and promotional events.  Mr. Simmons said, “We are in the business of making wonderful unforgettable memories.  Especially right now, it is vitally important for baseball fans, kids and adults, to have something to look forward to.  Teams will be 100% focused on creating positive experiences for their fans, and The AutoGraph Ball will be there on and off the field to help.  I encourage everyone to help by making a straight donation to APBPA COVID Emergency Fund at”

About The AutoGraph Ball

Founded in 2020, The AutoGraph Ball™ is an emerging player in the sports novelty industry.  We are in the business of creating wonderful unforgettable sports memories. 

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